Rupia Adventure  Guides



Miraji Rajab – Safari Guide

Growing up close to the Lake Manyara National Park Miraji spent his childhood weekends on game drives in the Crater, parks and camping with his parents and siblings. After graduating from the renowned College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, in Moshi, he joined our team in August 2017. Father of a 3 children, he plans on taking him on safaris once he’s a little older. At Rupia Adventure, Miraji enjoys going on safari with families, being amazed by the children’s genuine curiosity and intelligent questions about nature and wildlife. Believing in lifelong-learning, he keeps up to date with conservation developments, researching in books, online or talking shop with rangers in the national parks.




Norah Jacob – Safari Guide

Together with her family, Norah lives only a few kilometers from Arusha National Park, sharing her neighborhood with the occasional buffalo, antelope and many different types of birds. Growing up in a village close to Lake Victoria, she has always loved spending time in nature. That’s why she completed her wildlife studies in Arusha and embarked on the adventure that is safari guiding 3 years ago. In 2019, joined our team at Rupia Adventure. Norah she enjoys going on safari with families, always ready to answer inquisitive and curious questions of the young safari goers. Protecting nature and wildlife is a matter close to her heart as she wishes for her children and the generations to come to be able to experience magical moments in nature.


Erasto Martin – Safari Guide

Erasto has been part of the Rupia Adventure team since 2016 and is valued by colleagues and guests for his many years of experience and kind character. He fell in love with the idea of being a safari guide on a school trip to Lake Manyara many years ago. Starting off as a mechanic, he soon added safari guiding to his skills set and embarked on his dream career. Erasto shares a fascination and love for big cats with many of his guests, always scouting for lions when on safari. Hiking in the Usambara Mountains is another of his favorite activities while out and about with his guests. A family man and nature lover that he is, he makes sure his two children grow up appreciating Tanzania’s wildlife and natural heritage.




Julius Mollel – Mountains Guide

Julius is one of our most experienced mountain guides and has been part of our team since day one in 2017. As Head Guide, he leads big groups to the top of Kilimanjaro, making sure that not only all climbers are safe and enjoying their experience, but also coordinating the many crew members it takes to lead a bigger group to the Roof of Africa. He is a professional and responsible role model for other guides, always giving his very best. Studying Tourism at the Bridge Institute of Business Studies in Arusha has equipped him with important expert knowledge. When the climbing gets tough, Julius is reminds you that conquering Kilimanjaro is not a competition. It is just you and the mountain. Take it slowly, one step at a time. Julius has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro more than 200 times.


Frank John – Mountain Guide

Guiding travelers from around the world to Uhuru Peak since the year 2012, Frank has invaluable mountaineering experience. He has been part of the Rupia Adventure team since day one in 2017. Looking back, he still remembers his first cold summit night and his exhaustion looking at the distant stars sparkling in the night sky. When the warm sun began to raise, Frank regained his strength and made it to the top. He is very experienced in assessing when it is time to encourage you to keep going and when it is necessary to call off a climb and get you downhill to safety. As Head Guide, he is aware of the responsibility he has not only for you, but for every assistant guide, porter and waiter on his team. At home, he enjoys spending time with his family and three teenage children. Frank has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro more than 200 times


John PaulMountain Guide

John believes in life-long learning and sees every day as an opportunity to learn and grow. Starting out on Kilimanjaro as porter in 2012, he trained to be an assistant guide in 2018 and finally became head guide in 2019. Shortly after, he joined our team at Rupia Adventure. John knows that communication is key when motivating his guests to keep going. That’s why he is studying French during is off time, with the goal to be even more approachable for his French-speaking guests. When climbing Kili, John knows how important it is to have the right equipment with you. You won’t see him on a climb without his rain trousers and favourite pair of boots. Once you have retreated to your tent for the night, he will stay up just a little longer, reading a novel or catching up on first-aid and other specialist literature. In John, you will find an experienced, professional and dedicated head guide, who’s goal it is to help you make your dream come true. John has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro more than 130 times.


Meshack Joseph – Mountain Guide

Meshack is a true self-starter and dedicated mountaineer. He started his mountain career as porter in 2014 and has been part of our team since our early days. Rising through the ranks of waiter, tent crew and summit porter, he knew he could go even further. After obtaining a Wildlife Management certificate and completing further training, Meshack was promoted to Assistant Guide in 2018 and Head Guide in 2019. He absorbs knowledge whenever he gets the chance to, be it educational degrees or intercultural skills when spending time with his guests. He will happily share his vast knowledge about the mountain, the animals and Tanzania’s culture with you. At Rupia Adventure he is valued for his commitment and dedication. His aim is to guide you safely to the top, and more importantly safely back down. Meshack has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro more than 50 times as guide and many more times as porter.


Emanuel Mrema – Mountain Guide

Being a Mountain Guide on Kilimanjaro is a dream come true for Emanuel. Since he was a young boy, he has always wanted to guide travellers to the Roof of Africa. Taking a detour, he studied to be a firefighter after school, before training to be a qualified mountain guide. His dream of standing on to Uhuru Peak became reality on the last day of the year 2011, when he welcomed the new millennium alongside many other climbers on the top of Africa’s highest mountain. He has been a guide since 2012 and part of our team since 2018. As former firefighter Emanuel is a very responsible and safety conscious mountain guide. His advice when tackling the mountain is to take it one day at a time and pacing yourself even when you still have the energy to go fast. Emanuel has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro more than 200 times.


Maziku Kulwa – Mountain Guide

Maziku is a proud ambassador of Kilimanjaro and his home country Tanzania. On the long hikes climbing Kili, he will happily share his expert knowledge and entertaining anecdotes to lighten your stride. Starting out as porter, Maziku knew right away he wanted to climb the career ladder and become a guide. He went to study at the Hope Mountains College in Arusha and joined Rupia Adventure as guide in 2020. He remembers how strenuous and challenging he experienced his first climb up Kili few years ago. Today, he is an excellent mountaineer, but hasn’t forgotten the challenges a mountain-novice may encounter. You can expect empathy and encouragement from a man who knows what it feels like to conquer the highest mountain in Africa. Maziku has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro more than 60 times.