Tanzania Safari

Tanzania has some of the best places that cater for an African Safari. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the wildebeests herds, the low growl of predators and the drifting Maasai music. A Tanzanian Safari paints your adventure with the wildest shade of excitement. With an exquisite culmination of flora and fauna flooding your horizon, you’ll find yourself questioning the scope of reality. Bask in the glorious Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National park and Lake Manyara and experience Africa’s best wildlife destination. From Pink flamingos to tree climbing lions – Tanzania will have you coming back for more. Be ready to spectate the phenomenal wildlife spectacle – The great migration. It witnesses around 2 million wildebeest rampaging the plains in search of lush green grass. Tanzania also gives you the flawless package with snow kissed mountains, rocky terrains, volcanic craters, hidden water holes and white sand shores. Besides the Big 5 more than 80 large mammal species call Tanzania home, living in the 25% of the area of the country that has been demarcated into conservation areas and National Parks.


Venture into Tanzania, where your wildest dreams come true, where travel fantasies and reality blend into innumerable possibilities and translate into an adventure painted in every shade of ecstasy. Drive into its raw magnetism and stumble into a surprise at every turn you take. Nestled between countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda,  and flanked with the Indian ocean, this east African country is brimming with wonders to wander into.

Apart from goosebump inducing wildlife encounters, Tanzania also gives you an all encompassing package, complete with snow kissed mountains, rocky terrains, volcanic craters, hidden water holes and white sand shores.

Scale the daunting heights of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, question the boundaries of reality when you wake up to boundless horizons overwhelmed with the world’s largest concentrations of wildness, stand your ground as the world renowned great wildebeest migration thunders across the plains and shakes your very foundations. Wade into these sweeping plains and invade its sheer magnificence.

History and culture

Tanzania cradles 120 ethnic groups, inclusive of people who have migrated from other parts of Africa and traders from afar, who have established their roots into the country from as early as the 8th century. The country has been shifted through the hands of many, starting with the Portugese after the arrival of Vasco de gama, followed by the Germans, and then the British. In 1961, the lands breathed independence. Tanzania was formed in 1964 and has been under the rule of the same political party ever since. The country has a vast and vibrant diversity, but with no ethnic tensions, thus making it a paradigm for harmonious existence. Swahili is a language commonly used across the country. Some of the well acquainted tribes are the Hadzabe tribe, Maasai tribe, Chagga tribe and the Sukuma tribe. Take a cultural tour, walk into the lives of the locals, sink your feet into the deep running cultures that have etched an imprint on the country for ages and weave a profound bond with the inspiring country of Tanzania.

Wildlife and Game Parks

Interspersed with a lot of national parks, Tanzania has the world’s largest concentration of wild animals per square kilometer. Traverse the Safari circuits in Tanzania and track every hint and scent that the dense bush holds in its confines. The Serengeti national park is easily the most sought after Safari destinations of the country that earns its spotlight from the world renowned great wildebeest migration. With unfathomable numbers of over 2 million animals overwhelming the plains, the countless creatures induce an experience that truly counts. Tanzania is also the best place to witness Africa’s glorious Big 5 in their natural habitat.

Tiptoe into the soul stirring silences of the morning, soak in the expansive horizon draped in the vibrant hues of the tropical sky and await all the tender and tough encounters it holds in store for you. Slip into the routine of the wild and embrace them at a deliciously thrilling intimacy. Watch a giraffe cruising the grasslands, catch the majestic dance of a lion’s muscles while it blends into the shade of the grass and witness the protective instinct of a mother elephant. From lurking crocodiles,

The best time to plan your adventure in Tanzania

The best time to visit Tanzania varies with personal preference and prioritization of personal criteria. A few factors that can help you strike the right window on your calendar are scripted here you.

The dry season holds the obvious advantage of clear weather and higher chances of spotting wildlife, as the animals gather around rivers and waterholes. June and July is the best time to seek out the great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, while February is the perfect time to witness the wildebeest calving. This is also the ideal time frame to head out and conquer the Kilimanjaro peak or to unwind on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar and visit its spell casting islands.

Despite the cons of the wet season, it also brings a set of perks with it – The rain brings out the lush greenery, your trip is definitely going to be more pocket friendly, you get to escape noisy crowds and of course, there is still an abundance of wildlife viewing opportunities open for you. The northern circuit is a great option during this period. It Also happens to be the prime time for bird watching. Lay out your options and pick your best fit to revel in the vast grandeur of this enchanting country.

Why Visit Tanzania?

Unlike other African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, Tanzania offers multiple dimensions to your African adventure and also holds relatively higher concentrations of wildlife in store for you.

The Zanzibar archipelago is one such diverse dimension that Tanzania offers. Snuggle by these white sand beaches, pamper yourself in the soothing sheets of blue and stroll by the winding alleys of the simple, yet ravishing old city of Stone town.

A Safari in Tanzania is also the hotspot to quench your adrenaline cravings, as it serves peace lovers and thrill seekers alike. You get to relish the sweeping plains on foot, drive into it, soar above it, trot into it on horseback, row down the river or glide in a hot air balloon in the waking hour of dawn. Other tempting adventures to chase in the country, are scaling the sought after Kilimanjaro peak or delving into the Indian ocean. The coastline brings another horde of excitements like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sunset cruises and more. Pounce on your chance to strike off many sought after adventures from your bucket list.

Tanzania lets you breathe in its unrestrained freedom and revel in its pure authenticity. A Safari in Tanzania is definitely something to cherish dearly for a lifetime. Miss out on nothing because Tanzania offers a panorama of experiences for you to savour. Grab a flawless package and make it yours, because once the country casts its spell on you, it holds you in its net of wonder forever.