Terms & Conditions

Rupia Adventure offers different products bookings along with its distribution and supplying partners affiliated with their programs and websites.

We would recommend all our customers to read and understand our terms and conditions as these include some legal obligations. All the bookings and purchases on Rupia Adventure are based on agreement to these terms and conditions.

A customer making any booking or purchase is supposed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions. Rupia Adventure is the only party that can implement any changes to these terms and conditions.


  • All the customers using Rupia Adventure are supposed to be legally bound with these terms and conditions with immediate effect.
  • Any customer who doesn’t agree to our terms and conditions must not use Rupia Adventure and its affiliated websites.
  • Any changes and updates can be made to these terms and conditions at any time. Customers are bound to read them from time to time in order to be aware of any variations made. Continuing use of the website would mean that the customer is agreed to and is legally bound with updated terms and conditions.
  • Any content published on Rupia Adventure including written material, pictures, links etc should not be copied or republished for personal or non-advertising usage. Permission must be taken in written for any other use of Rupia Adventure content.
  • The website should be used for legitimate activities which may include booking or purchase of products and services. No illegitimate or fraudulent use of website is allowed. In case of breach legal action would be taken.
  • By agreeing to these terms, user guarantees that he has not been a suspended user of Rupia Adventure a competitor of Rupia Adventure and has only a single lawful account with Rupia Adventure.
  • Rupia Adventure allow you to use their website in accordance with agreement to these terms and conditions. Any offensive or objectionable content displayed during use of the website, Rupia Adventure cannot guarantee its correction and doesn’t support such material. The website thus can be accessed and used at one’s risk.

Account for Users

  • All the users need to create an account with their personal information. This creation of account is required to access features published on our website. All the accounts holders are responsible for maintaining privacy of account with a strong password. Any activity from account, account holder will be held responsible. In case you witness any unauthorized access of account, please inform us immediately.
  • Account information will be used for personal and non commercial purposes. We restrict you from creating false account or forge identity of any person. Users should create their own accounts and must not allow anyone to create account on their behalf. Users should not create multiple accounts.
  • Rupia Adventure have all the rights to terminate any account for any reason at any time.


  • Users are allowed to contribute reviews and photos. They can also rate content uploaded by other users.
  • Content uploaded by our users can be used in many ways. Rupia Adventure may use this content on their website. We may reformat and edit it for proper grammar. It may be used for marketing purpose and may be distributed to other platforms, media websites etc. by submitting their content, user permits us for use of their content for any reason or purpose. Users of other websites can also access you content through this website or any other media website. Any claims for distribution or use of user’s content thus cannot be made.
  • Users are whole and sole responsible for risks associated with their content. Users are relied for accuracy of this content. Rupia Adventure do not endorse or sponsor content uploaded by any of its users.
  • Users themselves are liable for any violations that their content may make. This may include violation of copyright, trademark, moral rights, publicity right, privacy right, illegality, exploitation minor rights, third party rights or any other legal or regulatory violation.
  • Rupia Adventure have all the rights to remove any content at any time. There is no obligation or confidentiality associated with the content uploaded by users. Rupia Adventure may not have any copy of the content removed.
  • Rupia Adventure have all the rights to display advertisement and promotion material along with your content on our website or any other media website. Users are not allowed to ask for any compensation for ads.

Validity and Modifications of Products

  • Validity of all Rupia Adventure products and services are mentioned on our website and thus we are not responsible for any information that is not provided by us.
  • Requests for modifications for products and services must be made to the Rupia Adventure Customer Care Team. The team will be responsible for further processing this request.
  • No fee for modification of dates is charged for a booking as far as the request is received at least three days before traveling date.
  • Special event, show or theatre tickets are sold as confirm final sales and thus these cannot be modified or changed after confirmation.
  • Modifications and changes will be made subject to availability of product or service. Rupia Adventure cannot guarantee all modification requests.
  • Any modifications or changes request made less than three days before your travel may cost you an additional fee.
  • Any special offer or discount may be or may not be honored in case of a change made after confirmation of purchase. This decision will be made at sole discretion of Rupia Adventure. Any special offer or discount may be invalidated in case of modification or change requests.
  • Our suppliers often change dates, rates and other requirements of tours and services. Thus Rupia Adventure have all the rights to update, cancel or modify any tour, ticket, product or service booked through us at any time for any reason. However purchaser if not satisfied with the alternative given, full refund of purchase price can be requested and will be honored.
  • The products/services reported as ‘Worry free shore excursion’ ensure that if you do not return for ship in time because of no action of your own, a transport with next port of call will be arranged for you. However, in case a delay is caused because of your action and you could not return back in time for ship then this policy would not apply. You must provide Rupia Adventure with your correct arrival and departure time. Please make sure that there is time of at least two hours between tour end and ship departure time. Customer should contact Rupia Adventure directly for arrangement of next port call. If your ship is delayed or miss a port of call past origination of excursion, contact Rupia Adventure in 14 days. After verification, a refund will be issued.


  • All the prices mentioned on our website or with affiliate websites are per person.
  • All the prices are based on local rates of foreign exchange prevailing at the time of quoting.
  • Prices can be changed until confirmation of booking.
  • Prices are exclusive of local taxes and other fees including security, immigration, customs, parking fees, port fees, security, transportation tax, facilities charges etc.
  • Prices are exclusive of tips for our service providers including local guides and drivers. It also doesn’t include any insurance of baggage or person. Also it is exclusive of passport fee and visa fee. All other inclusions are listed on the website.

Procedure for payments and cancellations

  • All the payments through bank transfers 
  • Rupia Adventure will not refund any payment for tour or service originated and it would include any accommodation, services like meals or others used.
  • A cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation of any booking made through Rupia Adventure. Cancellation fee will be detailed to you through email or telephone in case of cancellation of booking.
  • All the coupon, show, theater, event and attraction tickets are non-refundable. Other non-refundable product is gift certificate.
  • Cancellation of other products and services made a minimum of 7 days before departure, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Cancellation of other products and services made between 3-6 days before departure, 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Cancellation of other products and services made 2 days before departure, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
  • You may notice a difference in the amount of payment charged to your bank account, credit or debit card. This difference would be because of currency exchange rate or any other processing fee your bank may be charging. For any information regarding exchange rate or processing fee, please contact your bank.

Passport and Visas

  • All the current entry requirements must be checked with the country consulate irrespective of your nationality and travel destination. This is sole responsibility of passengers.
  • All the visa and health requirements must be checked with the consulate before departure as these changes from time to time without any notification.


  • Purchase of a complete Travel Insurance Policy is recommended before departure. Most of the policies are refunded in case of cancellation of trip including other expenses.

Disclaimers & Limitations of Liability

  • In case of any loss or damage, Rupia Adventure will not be responsible. This may include loss of revenue, loss of data, loss of reputation, loss of business, any other indirect damage etc. Customers cannot hold any of Rupia Adventure affiliates partners, service providers or agents responsible in any circumstances.
  • Any injury, loss, delay, damage or accident caused in connection with hotel, tour, transport or any other service arrangement, Rupia Adventure and its service providers could not be held responsible. Rupia Adventure will not be liable for any irregularity or additional expense caused by faulty action of any transporter or hotel or any other person or service provider.
  • Rupia Adventure along with its service partners will not be responsible for any disputes, government restrains, machinery fault, weather conditions, terrorism, casualty, sickness or any other mishap caused that is away of control of Rupia Adventure.
  • Rupia Adventure continuously check details of information published about its products and services for completion and correctness. However we do not guarantee an error free or uninterrupted session that may have caused error or defects in information or functionality of our website. We also cannot warrant servers free of viruses and errors.
  • If any of the terms published here are resolute to be invalid or illegal by state or country law, then to the extent of law where term is held invalid or illegal, it should be removed from these terms. However all other terms would remain in effect and will be strongly obligatory.

Restrictions of Use

  • This site must not be used for purpose of threatening, harassment, interference, stalking or defrauding with any person or any other user.
  • This site must not be used for chain letters, junk emails, surveys, mass messaging, spamming or any other related purpose.
  • This site must not be used to create conflicts among traders, business owners, protected classes or others.
  • This site must not be used for violation of rights of any third party including any violation of copyright, patent/trademark right, privacy or publicity right or any other proprietary right.
  • This site must not be used for posting any illegal or pornography content.
  • This site must not be used for seeking minors’ information or to threaten/harm them.
  • No automated device or robot should be used for accessing, retrieving or indexing site content.
  • No attempt is allowed for unauthorized access of this site. Moreover no attempt should be made to access user accounts, systems, network or servers. Hacking or mining of password or any other unlawful mean of accessing others information or systems is not allowed. Use of any software or virus for interfering is not allowed. Any attempt that is made to violate privacy or security or cracking of encryption codes or password is restricted.

Termination of Account

  • Rupia Adventure have all the rights to terminate any account and decision is at sole discretion of Rupia Adventure. Account can be terminated or suspended without any notice or reason specified. Termination of account would restrict you from accessing your account, website, site content or any information.
  • User can terminate use of service and close their account at any time. In case of closure of account, Rupia Adventure may continue to display your content published by user and we are not obliged to remove the content under any circumstances.